When a business encounters the need for a new product, it's often because a customer desires something not currently offered, or an existing product falls short of meeting evolving customer needs.

During such times, seeking an external perspective can prove invaluable. It brings fresh insights and sheds new light on the problem at hand, potentially leading to innovative solutions.

In the past this out of the box thinking has provided great solutions and innovative products.

A good example, this Siemens Traffic Controller on the right.
Siemens was required to make a traffic controller with a 24 hr. emergency backup. Since Siemens didn’t have such an installation, we developed this system, including a remote power monitor. Now, when the grid fails, this controller will seamlessly switch to the emergency backup system and will continue to work for at least the next 24 hrs.

This became a great extra feature for the Siemens Traffic Controller product range and it is utilized in a great number of Dutch intersections.