Hi, my name is Hans Lankhaar. I’m a Dutch immigrant and I have been living in the USA since 2022.

Like every 4-year-old kid in the Netherlands, I also went to kindergarten. And there it was: Legos! They couldn’t get me off of it. From that moment my fascination for technology started and it never stopped. I learned to design, build, and develop my creativity.

When 3D CAD became available, I just knew that that would be a great game changer for mechanical engineering and I embraced it. It makes you able to build a whole world in the computer. It is the best way to show clients what they need, and what is possible. Now, all I do is working with 3D CAD.

Being an employee for quite some time, I realized that I can do better when I work independent. That is why I started this business years ago in the Netherlands. When I arrived here, I simply took my business with me.

I want to continue to assist clients with their products and businesses and help them to become the best in their field.